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HOW2learn is a strategy focused on building students' capacity to learn.

This is achieved by explicity teaching dispositions and habits within the existing programs and practices at Kapooka Public School to develop a learning culture that enables everyone to:

  • be self aware of their learning
  • use the language and dispositions of successful learners
  • share a belief that intelligence is learnable and expandable.

The Principles that underpin the strategies are:

1. Real Life Learning - education is about enabling young people to take their place in the world confidently, actively and successfully.

2. Success At School - students can utilise powerful learning skills in order to embrace te specific content demands in various subject areas.

3. Literacy and Numeracy - all students deserve the right to access strategies that will enable them to become more literate and numerate citizens as they are the fundamental building blocks that predict life sucess.

4. Mental Wellbeing - all students deserve the right to become more resourceful and resilient when faced with adversity.

5. Expandable Intelligence - all learners can behave more intelligently through developing a repertoire of learning despositions and habits.

6. Complex but Vital - it will take consistent focus and collective will over time to develop a growth culture but it is a path we need to travel.

The HOW2learn strategy empowers learners by developing 5 dispositions and 22 habits that improve all round learning fitness.