Kapooka Public School

Respect Resilience Responsibility

Telephone02 6931 2703


About our school

Kapooka Public School is a small, dynamic school within a unique setting. 

The students are committed and enthusiastic learners who enjoy a rich and thought-provoking curriculum. The students are caring, considerate and encouraging of one another. 

Students are encouraged to be tolerant, co-operative and resilient. The majority of our students are transient with families remaining in Kapooka for approximately 2 years. A particular focus of our school is on the smooth transition for students into our school and for their families into the wider community. 

The school works in close relationship with our parents. This collaborative approach provides positive outcomes within the classroom for all students, as well as support and encouragement for the staff. 

Kapooka Public School has a strong values base, reflected in our school rules, welfare policy and general expectations. All of these have been formed in collaboration with the parent body, with the aim of creating thoughtful, caring and proud students. 
The school is staffed by caring, committed and experienced staff. They have high expectations and develop quality programs to achieve set goals. 

We provide a diverse education that has the capacity to cater for the needs of all children; cultural, sporting and academic, utilising a well serviced and resourced school in an environment that is inclusive and caring.

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